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fanfic by cirilla9 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Home sweet home

Riki heard Iason coming into their bedroom and closed his eyes immediately, lying as still as he could, trying to breathe slowly and evenly.

His master didn’t say anything to him, no command about removing his clothes or assuming the specified position, so maybe he believed Riki fell asleep.

The mongrel heard him moving throughout the room, undressing, judging by the rustling sounds the pet was all too familiar with. The mattress dipped under the Blondie’s weight behind Riki’s back.

The slumdog didn’t move an inch. A hand settled on his hip.

- I know you aren’t asleep. Your pulse rate has changed when I walked in, – said Iason, pulling the pet’s trousers down.

Riki wore his soft pajama pants already and they didn’t show any resistance, exposing his buttocks to Iason’s eyes. And hands, for one of them groped his exposed flesh.

- C’mon Iason, I’m really tired. Let’s not do this tonight – the pet whined.

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