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Home Is With You

When they had finally fished Eustace and Reepicheep out of the clear waters of the sea, Edmund and Lucy were locked at slight odds.

“You don’t want to stay here, Ed?”

Edmund looked down at her, eyes suddenly filling with tears towards the end. He looked away sharply, fully aware of all the Narnians looking at them curiously.

His deep steadying breath didn’t do much to calm him down though. “It doesn’t feel right, Lu. You know that.”

Lucy nodded, looking a little bit sick herself, “It… it feels like we’re betraying our people, don’t you think?”

Caspian made an odd noise behind them, “Betraying us? You will both,

be a king and queen here. Why would going back to your world,


Edmund was quiet, as if he couldn’t get the words out, but Lucy seemed more than a bit pained. “I… I don’t think we’re coming back, Caspian.”

Caspian looked sick too, feeling a tight ball in the pit of his stomach. “No, no. You

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