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A work by faithdaria adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Home is Where Your Story Begins


The place reminded him a little of one of his favorite college hangouts; the food was good and inexpensive, they served beer but not hard liquor,

and it had just the right amount of noise for hanging out on a weeknight to study.

Granted, this place, like the restaurant in Palo Alto, had a strict ‘serve yourself’ policy that meant coming up to the counter for refills and food,

but the money saved on tips more than made up for the inconvenience.

Of course, that particular rule meant that Dean made him head up for beer, but Sam knew how to milk that responsibility into future bargaining tools so he didn’t mind too much.

The woman behind the counter smiled when he stepped up. “What can I do for you, baby?”

Sam couldn’t help smiling in return. “Two beers, please.”

“Sure thing. Just let me see your license, honey.”

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