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fan work by peregrinewilliams posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The fire was started by a gas leak. The spark from the stove was all it took for the orphanage house to go up too fast for anything to be salvaged.

When emergency crews did arrive the only help they could offer was to the 12-year-old blond boy with a broken arm being dragged out of the wreckage by his equally young friend.

A policeman was one of the first to the scene and took pity on them, seeing as they were the same age as his little sister-in-law.

He sat with them on the sidewalk and allowed them to bury their dirty, wet faces into his uniform as they cried over the loss of the only family they had ever really known.

When the rest of the emergency crews arrived, he accompanied the orphans in the back of the ambulance while the firemen worked to stop the blaze from spreading further.

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