Holding On
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A work by serialkarma adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Holding On

The first time Dan flinched away from Duck was on a sunny afternoon outside the hardware store, as Pete and Steve Girard were passing by.

Dan realized what he’d done almost immediately, but it was still too late.

Duck frowned, and then his eyes shuttered over and he took one slow step back from Dan before taking his fingers off Dan’s wrist.

Dan wanted to pull him back, to say sorry, it was an accident, a mistake, a habit, but the look on Duck’s face made Dan’s voice dry up and his stomach twist.

So he just stood there while Duck said, “See you later,” and picked up his toolbox and walked to the truck.

The first time Dan and Duck made love was also on a sunny afternoon, two days after Dan was discharged from hospital.

They were in Duck’s small bedroom with the white-paneled walls and a big, wide window that was open to let in the sun and the sea breeze.

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