Holding Myself Over the Volcanoes' Edge
Holding Myself Over the Volcanoes' Edge charlie matheson stories

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A fanfic by sally_port posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Holding Myself Over the Volcanoes' Edge

The Twelfth Precinct interrogation room had become as familiar to Richard Castle as any room in his own home and he sometimes wondered that he felt so comfortable there.

He’d eventually decided it was because – no matter how the interview was going – it meant another step towards finding a killer, even if the person across the table turned out to be a false lead.

But for some reason the pit of his stomach was trembling and he had no idea why.

His wife, Kate Beckett was facing the man shackled to the chair, her face displaying the typical intensity she focused on suspects, though this time the man was hardly just a suspect.

He’d just killed an elderly man on the sidewalk outside an office building with a dozen witnesses who said the confrontation between the two men had been brief and violent.

He tried to shake off the overall feeling of unease that seemed wrapped around him. It wasn’t the overall helplessness of the suspect’s appearance.

He’d been duped too many times by a pretty face to know that appearance meant nothing when it came to murder. Nor was it the fact that the red haired man was sobbing openly.

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