Hold on to that feelin'
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fan work by dizzy28 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Hold on to that feelin'

The feeling of Flynn’s lips on his is almost enough to make him forget why he refuses to do this, and the way his tongue slowly but surely slithers inside his mouth does the trick,

the loud music from the downstairs speaker system making Alan’s groan barely audible.

Flynn is humming in response, and for a moment everything continues as it should, except Flynn seems

into it, so much so that he’s not really kissing Alan, but just murmuring into his mouth.

It takes a second for Alan to realize it’s not pleasure that is making Flynn so vocal, but rather Steve Perry’s voice.

Alan pulls back, breaking the kiss just at the height of the chorus, and Flynn’s voice goes from a muffled murmur to a full-blown rendition of

way too quickly.

Alan sighs, reaching behind his back for ammunition and throwing a well-aimed pillow straight at Flynn’s face.

That barely stops Flynn’s singing, and it’s not until the last chords of the song fade away - time enough for Alan to go from slightly annoyed and fully frustrated,

to very entertained and only mildly frustrated - that Flynn finally looks at Alan and cracks a wide grin.

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