Hold On (I'm A Little Unsteady)
Hold On (I'm A Little Unsteady) lee christmas/barney ross stories

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A story by opaquexapathy adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Hold On (I'm A Little Unsteady)

It wasn’t exactly that the mission had turned out to be a big mess. But it had.

More or less because said mission had turned out to be more ‘complicated’ than they’d originally thought.

A small time general in Bosnia parading around as a dictator had decided at the last minute to bring in far more men than intel had previously pegged. More like a hundred more.

Either he’d been tipped off that the Croatian government - feeling pressured by Sejad’s gratuitous human trafficking and arms trade - had decided to hire the Expendables under the table to

take him out. Or he’d decided to move on Herzegovina a little ahead of schedule, going rouge from the political joining of the two regions into their own political entity decades ago.

Either way, Sejad wasn’t a friend to anyone right now. Everyone wanted him dead.

So it had been an easy task for Croatian diplomats to hire the Expendables to do a job that no one wanted to get their hands dirty with. Especially so publicly.

And Sejad had so many enemies that ‘easy’ was a considerable understatement. And the perfect cover.

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