Hold Me in Your Beating Heart
Hold Me in Your Beating Heart gemma styles stories

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Hold Me in Your Beating Heart

The room was big enough to fit a crowd of fifty people yet with only him there, it felt suffocating and as if it was closing in on him.

He took a deep breath still sitting on the only chair in the room, a cold metal table pushed against the wall with nothing but a file he had placed there upon arriving.

Harry could feel himself slowly start to shiver when the cold temperature of the room started getting colder due to the high temperatures outside.

He hated the summer.

He let out a shaky breath realizing how cold it really was when he could see his own breath yet didn't dare himself to leave just yet.

He couldn't stop looking at him, couldn't leave him alone...at least not yet.

When he finally got up he made his way to the front of the room placing his hand against the freezing glass of the only capsule in the room per Mark's orders that held his whole life.

Ice crystals were slowly forming on the glass giving him an angelic look, his light brown hair brushed back where it would stay forever frozen in place.

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