Hockey and Half-Bloods
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Hockey and Half-Bloods

Cam officially hated his job.

The brunette often thought this to himself as he worked in the pathetic little cell phone kiosk in a mall on a less-than-friendly-seeming side of Toronto on weekends,

and Thursday and Friday nights.

Besides that, he had so many reasons to quit: the cranky old ladies that couldn't probably run a toaster,

the awful uniform consisting of khakis and an itchy polo featuring the logo of some obscure cell company, him only communicating with his boss via phone since getting the job,

the drug dealers in the mall... to make a long story short, if it weren't for the fact he needed the money, he'd have gone long ago.

However, quitting was not an option at the moment; Cam lamented this fact as he stared at his phone which said that his shift would be over in 10 minutes.

His family had moved, to his great joy, to Toronto from Kapuskasing. Doing so, however, had put a great strain on the financial capabilities of the Saunders family.

His mother worked 2 jobs and his father worked a job that had equal to that of his mom's jobs.

Cam decided to get a job to help them out; after all, they had moved down to Toronto so that he wouldn't be homesick (it wasn't the only reason, but Cam liked to think it was).

Running his fingers through his brown hair, he started to re-arrange some boxes at his feet so he'd have more room in the tiny enclosure.

He leaned up against the counter area, thinking how he would waste his time for 10 more minutes, then leave and get paid for standing there.

However, Cam's relaxation was cut short by a voice getting his attention.

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