Hobbit Hospitality
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Hobbit Hospitality

Bilbo feels guilty about it at first. It’s the most important part of being a hobbit host after all.

He tries to remind himself that it really was not his fault because he was overwhelmed with guests that (literally) nearly tore his poor smial apart. It’s more Gandalf’s fault.

He tries then to find opportunities on the road but finds that conditions are less than welcoming.

The ground is too rocky, too wet, and too cold or everything is far too hot and he cannot imagine adding sweat to the lesson in hobbit hospitality.

And he doesn’t much like the smell of pony either.

His opportunity comes though when they reach Rivendell. He notes several elves eyes light up at the sight of a hobbit and he would be lying if he said he did not give them a thorough lesson.

It’s partly how he convinces the dark haired one who greeted them to gather him some items he deems necessary. Lindir is more than willing to comply as Bilbo’s fingers scissor him open.

He promises through keening whines and head shakes that yes he will give them to Bilbo, all of them. And Bilbo almost stops the torture. Almost.

He adds a little tongue because Lindir seems like a squealer more than a screamer. And it turns out that he is right.

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