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History Lesson

"Kid Flash. B-2-3." The sound of the computer calling him Kid Flash was still jarring to Bart Allen. It had taken him days to stop looking over his shoulder for Wally West, the

Kid Flash, to come out of the zeta tube behind him.

The original members of the Justice League, his grandfather included, had wanted the designation switch made as soon as possible to preserve continuity.

Bart wasn't sure if he agreed with them, or if he felt that it robbed the team of time for grief.

Bart had been dealing with guilt for most of his life. He hadn't been good enough, fast enough to stop events in his time period. He hadn't been able to stop Blue Beetle from killing...

Bart shook his head. Being born into a world of destruction and chaos, he knew there was little he could have done to stop events already in motion.

But coming back to the past, he thought he could stop everything. He thought he could save them all.

The thought had never even crossed his mind that by saving his grandfather, saving the world, he would have to sacrifice his cousin, albeit once removed, to do so.

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