history is now (and manhattan, odessa, ft. lee)
history is now (and manhattan, odessa, ft. lee) emma coolidge stories

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history is now (and manhattan, odessa, ft. lee)

His mother turned up on this door the morning after their argument, harried and much more aged than she was when she left the night before. Peter knew instantly something was wrong.

Her eyes were weary as they roved over his face hungrily, trying to memorize every detail. Wiry white wisps of hair framed her face, more full of wrinkles than Peter remembered it being.

“Oh, Peter,” she whispered, and pulled him down for a hug. “I’ve missed you.” Peter wrapped his arms around her awkwardly. “I’ve missed you.”


One cup of earl grey, a tablespoon of cream, and two sugars later, Angela said, “You’re angry. I can tell.”

Peter huffed and rubbed his eyes. “Because this is nothing new!” he exclaimed. “I thought we were done with the Company. This was supposed to be a family!”

“It still is.”

“No! Sending yourself back? This is about cleaning up your mistakes. Again!”

“In three days, when I return to try to reason with you, you will cut off all ties with me. Primatech and Renautas

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