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A fanfic by extrapenguin adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


After all of her siblings had decamped, Tej was all alone on strange Barrayar. Well, not

alone, she had her husband, but he was a Barrayaran and thus prone to acting weirdly in all the same ways as the other Barrayarans.

Since the Betan Vicereine was on Sergyar and would be for the foreseeable future, Ivan Xav had arranged for Tej to meet with the Empress for weekly tea,

exasperatedly laughing at Barrayaran antics whilst their husbands did Man Things like napping (the Gregor) and avoiding further responsibilities (her Ivan Xav).

“How has your week been?” Laisa asked Tej after they’d been served tea with delectable pastries in an Imperial Residence room that breathed with history.

Tej pounced on a cream torte. “More society events than I can count,” she said after taking a not at all demure bite. “I fear for my digestive system.

Lord Vorkosigan invited us over last evening, though, and it was very much worth it – have you

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