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Theme: History

Summary: Teaching sucked.

Z pushed open the doors to the classroom, watching warily as the children quieted down almost immediately. She was slowly learning not to trust the little demons.

As if it could read her mind, the baby delivered a swift, hearty kick to her spine.

“Okay class, if you’ll remember, we left off on the history of Rangers.

Now, I assume that you all are wanting to one day wear a Morpher, correct?” she asked, noting that most of the kids raised their hands.

“If you want to wear that Morpher, then you need to realize the history behind it, and why knowing history can prevent it from happening again in the future.” Sam raised his hand.

“Yes Sam? You have a question?”

“Yeah. Why bother learning history? It’s not like it’s important anyway,” he griped, slouching in his chair.

Sam was quite bright, and willing to apply himself to excellent results when he chose to, but history seemed hard for him to grasp.

Z smiled to herself as she remembered Sam from the future, and was willing to bet that he thought history was rather important.

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