His World Was a Nightmare
His World Was a Nightmare homophobia stories

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His World Was a Nightmare

It was dark.

Normally Joseph would have his nightlight plugged in but ever sense he turned 7 (3 days ago), it wasn't allowed anymore. His father said that he was too big now to be afraid of the dark.

He didn’t feel very big.

The dark terrified him. The last two nights were horrible and this one was shaping up to be a whole lot worse.

He should've never read that scary story book.

“Stupid,” he whispered into the night.

Joseph tried to think of anything and everything. Just something to take his mind instead of those monsters that might be hiding in his room.

, he thought.



He felt pretty good. He stretched out, enjoying the feel of the grass under him.


He opened his eyes. The tree branches above him looked beautiful with bits of the sky peeking through.

Trees? Sky?

Where was he?

Sitting up and looking around, Joseph realized he was in a forest.

Hey, dreaming was better than the darkness of his room. He'd never felt so aware when dreaming before though. It felt pretty cool.

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