His Pride
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work by sapientia (theackerman) adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

His Pride

"I brought your favorite flowers. Again." I smiled gently, placing a bunch of Lavenders down softly.

"You've missed a lot...You've missed so much, actually and I wanted to fill you in before I go to work." I fixed my hair slightly as the wind knocked my fringe out of place.

"First off, I've been promoted straight to 'Head of the Detective Force!" I smiled proudly, giggling at the swirling feeling in my stomach, knowing he was proud too.

"How it happened? Well...Please don't get angry, because there's a happy ending, but..." I began fiddling with my fingers.

"You remember Annie, don't you? Eren's working partner? Well, after you shut your eyes, slowly detectives were being killed off one by one and no one knew who it was.

That was, until a detective called Hanji came in." I shifted a little.

"She suspected three people instantly: Eren, Annie and me...

I-I didn't do anything, I swear! When Hanji told me that she suspected me, she also told me why and I found that you didn't drift off on your own, I was so over joyed!

" I laughed slightly, remembering the day like it was yesterday.

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