His Ode to Sleep in Slowtown
His Ode to Sleep in Slowtown eventual relationships stories

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His Ode to Sleep in Slowtown

Tyler felt hands around his throat, looking up to see red eyes staring down at him, laughing manically.

He panicked, his eyes shifting around, feeling his breath go short - he tried to scream, but he only heard the thing's deep voice cackle, which made his blood run cold.

The creature looked just as he did, the more Tyler started staring at it. He felt his vision fade, as the thing moved its black hand to his chest, taunting him.

Tyler felt tears well in his eyes, as he was frozen with fear. The thing smiled, digging its hand into his chest, tearing through his skin, as Tyler screamed out in pain, fueling the monster.

It slowly burrowed its hand into Tyler's chest, grabbing at his heart, and ripping it out with a swift motion, tearing it apart- his vision slowly turning to blackness as blood pooled out of him.

Tyler jolted up in bed, realizing it was a dream. He was covered in sweat, shaking, as he looked around his dark room. He sighed, 'again,' he thought, 'this is the third time this week.

' Tyler had vivid nightmares that he couldn't control, and they were becoming more real each time. He sat up, looking at the clock- 2:18 am.

He groaned, running his hands through his hair, brushing them down his neck, and closing his eyes.

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