His Bloody Scars
His Bloody Scars red hood stories

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A story by jason-sxy-todd (foolsofstardom_bjw) posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

His Bloody Scars

I had heard about him, the Red Hood. He was a cruel vigilante. He was ruthless and dangerous. I remember Batman told me one night, “Be careful. The Red Hood might show up.

” when we were investigating some drug traffickers. I heeded his warning. I knew his name was Jason Todd and he used to be Robin before the Joker tortured and killed him.

No one would explain how it is he's still alive, when in fact he had died.

Then finally Tim started to tell me once we were alone in the room.

“When Jason came back. He told everyone that Talia took his body and dipped him in the Lazarus pit and brought him back to life. But Talia told another story.

She said he crawled out of his own grave. Which could only be explained as a supernatural event. He was still suffering from his wounds when he came back to this world.

He was aimlessly wondering the streets not able to remember who he was due to the brain damage from being tortured with a crowbar.

Then some how he wound up in Talia's home and she restored his health by the Lazarus pit.”

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