Himiko's Love Perfume
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Himiko's Love Perfume

Ban wondered sometimes what would happen if Ginji knew that Ban loved him.

Would Ginji reject him outright? Would he shun him silently? Would he scream words of perversion and leave Ban forever alone?

"Ban-chan!" Ginji threw himself into the car with all the decorum of a five-year-old. Ban straightened from his slump and pushed his depressing thoughts away.

"About time," Ban said, flicking his cigarette butt out the crack in the window. "We need to find work."

Brown eyes alight with mischievousness Ginji thrust his hand under Ban's nose. "Smell."

Ban jerked his head back and focused on the thing in Ginji's grasp. It looked like one of Himiko's glass vials that held her poisons. Whatever had been in there, he'd inhaled a good whiff.

He panicked. "Ginji!"

Ginji laughed and stoppered the vial. "Now Ban-chan won't be afraid to go after Himiko."

Ban didn't feel the any of the normal effects from Himiko's seven poison perfumes, which should've hit him already, and his mad scramble from the car halted.

Combined with Ginji's statement, he was confused as hell. "What did you have me smell?"

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