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Highschool Love

Warren had never been one to believe in the typical love-nonsense, but after having spent over six months at school with Will, he doesn’t know what to believe in anymore.

The first month after they had initially met had been simply enough.

He had hated the Stronghold-kid, wanting to punch the everlasting crap out of the snobbish-looking sod as he had kept strutting about the place like he deserved to do so.

After that prom-night however, things became very different indeed.

Somehow, in a way he couldn’t figure out even after five more months, they had ended up befriending each other as they had defeated Royal Pain together with the sidekicks.

If that hadn’t been different enough, the situation after yet another month had become insanely strange & almost like a scene from a bad soap-opera.

Will had broken up with Layla after just a month of being together, explaining it as a case of “better off as best friends”.

Whatever had caused them to break up yet stick together as BFF’s, Warren hadn’t managed to figure out back then, but apparently it had something to do with him.

Only after another month had Warren gotten word about the real cause when Layla had accidentally let it slip during one of their nights out in the Paper Lantern after his work-shift.

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