High Voltage
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High Voltage

I don't know how long I've been walking for but, I can't stop. Not now. I don't know how long until 'they' catch up. Can't risk it. This road just keeps going and going.

I look around.. There's nothing but swamp, marsh lands and dead looking trees and this long, long road. Lots of hydro towers. All this power needs to come from somewhere...

I look into the distance down the road and I see a tiny dot. It's probably a sign which means I'm close to a town, civilization. Great. I need to rest. Too many days running on empty fuel.

A couple hours later and i passed, to which I was correct, a sign. Ashwick Town. Population... Ha.. 405 people. Sounds exciting. Sure seems like a lot goes on here, 5km to town.

As I arrived to Ashwick, they had a big fancy wooden sign that arched over the road into town 'Welcome to Ashwick'. Cute. A little over the top for a small town but it was nice...

In fact, the more I look around everything looked pretty nice. It had an elegant look, all the buildings had detailed work on them. Some were brick but majority were made out of wood.

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