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High Expectations

r. Woodhouse

eople always seemed surprised to hear Emma say she planned to be single. She didn't quite understand why. Sure, she was a catch. She knew that, but she refused to let just anyone "catch" her.

She had very high standards and so far she'd found that no romantic prospect had actually met them.

So, what was the point? She could waste her time trying to find an eligible bachelor who met all her requirements or she could spend her time on something more worthwhile.

Like improving other people's lives with her own exceptional taste and wisdom. It was one of those "If you can't do, teach" situations. So, her perfect match wasn't going to work out.

That shouldn't stop her from helping other people find theirs.

Besides, it's not like she came to this decision lightly. There were many events that influenced her throughout her entire life. Starting, of course, with her own father. She adored her father.

He had always been there for her. He very clearly loved her and protected her, but even she could admit (never outloud and to no one but herself) that her dear old dad came with certain…baggage.

She was certainly no shut in but he'd kept her in on more than a few nights. He enjoyed the comfort of his home and since he was influential enough now to have his money and business come to

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