Hide me From the World
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short story by mmaniele1029 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Hide me From the World

Breathe, you idiot. Just in and out. You take a few labored breaths trying to calm yourself down. Oh God. A few tears spill over and you squeeze your eyes shut.

No! You curl into a ball on the floor and cover your face with your hands. Your whole body was trembling with inexplicable fear, and you just wanted it to stop. Please. There's nothing wrong.

Just please stop. You sniff over and over again, wishing the whole sensation would go away. Your heart feels like it's about to burst, and it feels like the world is ending.


You suck in a breath and your sniffling and whole body freezes. Steady footsteps make their way towards you and stop right behind you.

You were breathing through your mouth now, but you refused to remove your hands from your face or get up from your sitting position on the floor.

You thought to yourself how ridiculous you must look. You hear the person behind you squat down to your level and you feel him place a warm hand on your right shoulder.

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