Hide and seek in the maze
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Hide and seek in the maze

"Life plays hide and seek with us, and there is no word puzzles". Yuri Antonov

"Every life is a maze in the centre of which is death, and maybe even after death, before finally cease to exist, the man being the last labyrinth". Michael Arton

Mick opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. Laid, thought, and held out his hand for hours. It was five in the morning. Eight only But.

Mick pulled his legs out of bed and glanced at Snezhana. She was asleep, widely spread, good size beds allowed, and smiled in his sleep.

Mick looked at her, smiled, yawned, and moved into the bathroom.

The window rain against outside. Garden sadly hung all the leaves. January 2056 could be better was bored although the third of. For example, in the morning shone the sun.

But for three days it was raining, which resembles the longing and melancholy.

Mick looked in the mirror at his sleepy face, sighed, and began to brush his teeth. Then he shaved he apaloosa and wandered into the kitchen.

The kitchen was on the first floor, and they slept on the second. In the fridge were a lot of things.

Food supplies remained all the way from the wedding, and the wedding took place at Christmas, 25 December.

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