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Hide and Seek

The day everything went to hell had scarcely been acknowledged at the time.

So abnormally common, it barely had any distinction to all the other abnormal occurrences with which the Ninja Storm team had become accustomed.

Shane wasn’t sure how much a tragedy that was.  Maybe if they had known from the very start they were doomed they would have…He wasn’t sure.  They had taken it seriously, they had

taken it seriously, and they had reacted to all the obstacles as best they could but… it just felt like there

to be more.  There had to be something they could have done to-

In the beginning there had been hope.

There had been the expectation that it was all temporary, that they would find a way out and that it was just a trick,

a lesson away and then there would be freedom and victory and battles for another day.

But the battle never ended.  They never got home.

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