Hidden Claws
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A fiction by peppymint posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Hidden Claws


Tony stared at the older leopard, an odd rushing in his ears. He could not have heard that right. The teenager knew he was a great disappointment to his family.

They had never really tried to hide it. Thirteen years old, and he had never shifted no matter how hard he tried. By this time, he doubted he ever would.

Perhaps, if he had possessed a greater portion of the other skills that had been passed down the family line or a talent with magic, things would have been different. Sadly though, they weren't.

Tony had been expecting to be removed from the line of succession for some time. After all, a snide voice whispered in his mind. They couldn't have a weakling as clan head.

This though, he hadn't been expecting.

Exile. To be cast out of the pride entirely. Completely lacking in kith or kin. Desperately the dark haired boy gathered his thoughts. "But Father," he tried to object.

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