Hidden Behind Those Eyes
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Hidden Behind Those Eyes

The day ended as soon as it started. Akemi only blinked and hours went passed.

She remembered hues of blue and wide pink when the sun rose in greetings, her rumbling stomach in the morning, the loud mumblings of by-passers,

snippets of talks here and there at the long ends of corridors, faded pictures of professors gesturing at the front of her classes, and friends nagging her to concentrate.

Mindless she packed her things away, practised fingers swiftly gathering her materials, stashing them away into the depth sof her bag, smile growing wider by the second.

A deed that did not went unnoticed by her friends.

Kazuko stressed with a frustration that equals from having to say the same line over and over again.

With one eyes roll, she thrusted herself forward, hovering above Akemi’s table, slamming her palms down, locking her fiery gaze with hers. “You've been awfully happy all day-

“I'd like to know too,” Emi sat on a table, grinning widely with her dark hair swinging about, framing her face as she rocked back and fro, gazing upwards towards the still smiling Akemi,

who stole fugitive glances at them through her dark lashes in her hidden amusement that they all could see. “Did something happened this morning? You've never smiled this much.

” Emi pressed further when Akemi only smiled wider, slinging her bag around her shoulder, hopping down the steps of her class with unconcealed delight.

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