Hi, My Name Is...
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Hi, My Name Is...

Yoongi wrapped his gray blanket around more of his body and sank further into the uncomfortable plastic chair with a bored sigh.

Glancing around at everyone else in the therapy circle, the mint haired boy caught onto the unfamiliar face alongside the usual five.

A newbie had joined the “squad” as Yoongi had begun calling it, and with a new face meant an introduction he would be forced to make,

which took more effort than Yoongi had originally planned to spend that day.

New guy looked anxiously at Seokjin from under clementine colored fringe, and the group’s designated shrink smiled encouragingly at him in turn.

“Go on Jimin, no need to be shy.” He prodded gently in that syrupy voice he used with everyone during sessions.

Jimin, as new guy had been named, seemed to deflate at the intended words of welcome and clutching his bony knees to his chest as some sort of security blanket,

his dull brown doe eyes scanning the circle twelve eyes looking his way.

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