Hey, I think I fell for you.
Hey, I think I fell for you. juleka couffaine/rose lavillant stories

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short story by ribble adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Hey, I think I fell for you.


“Well, technically she can, it is well within her authority, after all, she is royalty.” Max retorted, putting down his tablet and rubbing his temple with his hand.

“Everyone knows the Princess hates us and anyone from Earth! Now she wants her closest handmaiden to be Terran? Bullshit. She just wants attention.

” Spat Alya, trying to sink lower in her seat, and reminded Marinette of a petulant child.

“Alya! You have to keep your voice down, you don’t know whose listening!” Rose whispered fiercely, leaning over Juleka to get closer to Alya. Juleka just smiled at her lovingly.

“Oh, it’s just because

want to be her closest advisor. Sorry, it slipped my mind.” Alya hissed back scathingly.

“In actuality, Count Agreste’s son is said to be her closest advisor.” Max jumped in, once again, his nose was stuck in his tablet.

“What was his name? Ayden, no. Adam? A-“

“This was in the last political test Alya!” Marinette laughed, “No wonder you’re flunking your tests.” Marinette tucked some hair back around her ear just as Alya kicked the back of her seat.

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