He's Funny That Way
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He's Funny That Way

"You're bleeding."

That was the first thing the fat man behind the desk said to me.

If I hadn't been forewarned by Sol, it probably would have been an admonition to sit down, but as it was,

I had already parked myself in the wing-back chair on the other side of the desk and was ready to earn the other half of my fee by reporting in.

My fingers went to my earlobe and came back wet. A guy didn't get much practice scrapping with metalbenders in the South Pole. Luckily, it turned out I was a fast learner.

"It's just a scratch. You should see the other guy," I said, and as I figured he sounded more offended than concerned, I started relating the night’s events.

"You were right about Zhang, by the way. I tailed him to the Yue Docks—"

"Do you not have a handkerchief?" he interrupted.

"Are you for real?" I asked.

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