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fanfic by dippertheshipper adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...



John woke up in a cold sweat. For some reason, he felt like he needed to do something. Something…..important. He tried to stand up.

“Woah! Head rush!” He cried.

John flopped back over onto his bed, making sure to avoid crushing the stuffed bunny lying there. How he loved his dear, sweet, bunny.

That bunny was the best birthday present his friends had ever given- His friends! John bolted upwards.

Quickly, John clambered out of his bed, only to fall face first on the floor.

With a quick adjustment of his glasses, John picked himself up and rushed over to the adjacent room, where his cousin was staying.

“Jade! Are you alright?” John exclaimed.

Jade sat up. “What are you talking about, John? Don’t be silly, I’m perfectly fine!” She said as she stepped out of her bed.

“Oh. Sorry.” said John. “I just…”

“Nightmares again? John, I know you’re upset from the accident, and I know we shouldn’t have been messing around in Grandpa Harley’s lab, but you are acting very strange for no reason at all!”

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