Hero's Hero
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Hero's Hero

They say you should never meet your hero; the role model you look up to most if they are famous, because they never turn out to be the person you thought they were.

Barnaby always liked the concept, but once he was got the chance to be introduced to the super hero, Wild Tiger,

he just couldn’t help but be excited about possibly working alongside his childhood hero.

It all started when he was ten. At such a young age and with both of his parents so busy working, Barnaby was a rather depressed child.

Try as he may, he never could get the emptiness in his heart to go away. But soon, that was fixed when he was introduced to Hero TV, a show that his schoolmates had been raving about.

He decided to check it out, and he was so glad that he did. It was there, that first episode even of Hero TV that he watched, that he was introduced to the sleek, new hero, Wild Tiger.

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