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fanfic by seekhim posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Darius tensed and looked up from his chessboard as the signature of a powerful Immortal presence

swept over him. Even though he was on Holy Ground, safe within the ancient stone walls of St. Julien le Pauvre,

instinct still kicked in.

He got up from his desk and headed toward the sanctuary, wondering who had come to see him this time.

As soon as he stepped into the sanctuary, he smiled in recognition at the sight of Duncan MacLeod walking

down the nave toward him. Duncan's hair was cut short and his face clean shaven. He was also dressed in a

British military uniform, that although was clean, had obviously seen action. Around his left arm was a

Red Cross badge.

Darius' smile abruptly faded when he noticed the grim look on Duncan's face and the condition of the other

Immortal walking beside him. He appeared young, but Darius couldn't see his face because his head was bowed.

It was late June, but the stranger was wrapped in a blanket and was shivering.

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