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A story by vesper_house adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It was not a revelation nor a lightning strike. He did not woke up one day with that thought in mind.

It has spread organically, naturally, rooted too deep in his heart and his bones to get noticed instantly.

he heard.

But Clark was always far from normal. He have waited for the call since puberty, the inevitable ticking of his biological clock, and yet nothing has happened.

Without the cue, he could not decide whether he wanted kids or not: the prospect was both exciting and mortifying. As years went by, a childless future became the only possibility.

Clark chose to be Superman – the decision had lasting consequences on his personal life, but he was at peace with them for most of the time.

Then he met Bruce and it was like coming home.

At first Clark did not even see him properly because of all the cameras flashing, but the very outline of the man’s impressive silhouette was enough for him to think

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