Here It Begins
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A fanfic by floradelirus adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Here It Begins

March 21, 2008

Los Angeles, California

John Cliner stared at the chipped gold lettering on the frosted glass window as he jiggled his key in the lock of his office door, the tumblers finally releasing.

The lettering ‘Cliner Estate Planning’ reflected back at him, catching the morning sun as he opened the door to his small, two room office.

He gave a quiet sigh as he bent down to retrieve the mornings’ newspaper off the floor where it had landed after being shoved through the mail slot.

He unfolded it with a one handed flick as he hobbled over to the coffee maker in the small reception area.

Setting his worn briefcase down on the table by the coffee maker, he flipped the switch on the appliance to start a fresh pot,

thinking how it was the only thing that made coming to the office enjoyable.

He looked around at the shabby wallpaper and the brown couch protected by a cracked and well-worn plastic cover,

remembering the way it had once looked new and stylish when he first went into business for himself thirty-five years earlier.

Looking back at the paper, he scanned the front page as he waited for the coffee to finish.

Upon hearing the last few drips fall into the pot, he folded up the paper,

tucked it under his arm then poured his first cup of the day before picking up his briefcase and heading into his office.

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