Here Comes the Anxiety
Here Comes the Anxiety romance stories

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Here Comes the Anxiety

Billy was about 317% sure he was going to make an idiot of himself on the first day of school.

Knowing him, it would be something utterly mortifying like tripping over his own feet and his pants falling down while everyone stops and laughs and he crawls away to die in a hole,

because his life would be over. Believe it or not, he’d been trying to take a more positive outlook on life more recently.

He’d come to Shield High School for a change – a positive change – and he was determined not to be shoved to the bottom of the dog pile again.

He wasn’t going to be used and abused the way he had been in the past, thrown away like a disposable camera. No, he learned from his mistakes.

It was time to stiffen up his upper lip and keep pressing on, perhaps with his head down to avoid most contact with humans. He wasn’t too good at that.

Trying to be invisible was Billy’s greatest talent, though his technique wasn’t totally perfected just yet…

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