Her love was like a storm
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Her love was like a storm

by anon

It whirled fiercely

It took life with her as she moved

Her love was a storm

But through all the pain

All the ways that's his heart would ache

He saw the beauty

Her noticed her smile, he'd move mountains to see.

He noticed her touch

Took all the worry he had away.

And her eyes they glew

A silver lining was a bright blue

He noticed that her love

Though wreckless and hard to bare through

Her love was a storm

Because she didn't know how to love anew.

Her love was in vain

Because through all her tears she only saw pain.

Her love was rough

But she's only been beaten and bruised

Her love was a miracle

Because of the storm, it all became clear

Her love was all he needed

And her voice, her eyes, her smiling. Kept his heart beating

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