Her Latest Flame
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Her Latest Flame

It only takes a month, which is actually about two weeks

than you expect.

Sabrina is the one to do it, the one to pull the plug though, in all fairness, you'd had your hand on the cord since that last day in August,

when she climbed into the back of her father's car and headed off to Ohio and you moved into the dorm at UTA so, really,

it's not like you're going to spend every night for the next week crying into shots at Maxwell's while Sophie does her best to fend off girl after girl after guy,

all of them trying to be the one to mend your broken heart or, at least, fill that empty spot in your bed.

It's only three

, not a week, and Sophie

do her best, but she misses one, a redhead named Elsie and no, she doesn't remind you of

- as over Sabrina as you already are, you're like

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