Her All-American Alpha
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fiction by gwyn rogers-stark (bilbosfavoritedragon) adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Her All-American Alpha

No one understood it. There was a certain expectation when a son was born an alpha. He would grow to be tall, strong…often aggressive. They were the perfect natural born leaders of the pack.

Joseph Rogers, an alpha himself, had been so proud that his wife Sarah had borne him an alpha for a son. That was, until the child started having problems.

Steven Grant Rogers was a thin, sickly boy. His medical bills crippled the family of three, who were already struggling to get by at the height of the Great Depression.

Joseph was ashamed, bitter. The distraught Irish immigrant turned to alcoholism and abuse after the debt and humiliation became too much to bear.

Who could ever expect a color blind, 90-pound asthmatic to take charge of a family one day? To do something great with his life? As far as Joseph was concerned, Steve was a pure waste of air.

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