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hell's angels


I made sure my head was high and my shoulders back as I stormed through the art corridor in Clairemont Academy. I ran this school and I’d be damned if people didn’t know it.

Everywhere I went people would look at me in fear and to someone who didn’t attend out school it would’ve seemed somewhat stupid.

I was some little emo kid who would probably get his ass whooped in a fight yet I’d found a way to manipulate everyone in this school into practically worshipping the ground I walked on.

I had been bullied in primary school and received more than enough verbal abuse at home, there was no way I’d let myself take any shit from this place.

Every morning I’d walk in with a lot of pent up anger from whatever stupid lecture my step-father decided to give me that day.

The most common lecture I was given was about the fact that God would never let me through the pearly gates because I was a ‘faggot’.

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