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“Hello?” …
By MechDog2395 https://www.reddit.com/r/...

Hello? Abyss Calling...

by MechDog2395


… …


… …

*“Hello there! May I speak to a Mister John Korden?”*


*“Hello Mister Korden, this is the Abyss calling…”*

“I’m sorry, who?”

*“The Abyss….The Void? The place in the universe where time and matter do not exist but is home to many nefarious denizens.”*

“What is this about?”

*“Well Mister Korden. According to our records, you are the last person on earth…In fact, you are the last person in the universe to have a landline. Were you aware of that?”*

“Huh? I knew landlines were rare these days but….My provider has been sending me letters saying that they will be cancelling the service in a month.”

*“This is precisely why we are calling you Mister Korden. We have an offer for you that may be of interest to you. But first, may I call you John?”*

“Sure…I guess.”

*“John, the offer we are making for you today is a simple one. We need your landline since it provides the only means by which our people can stay connected with your people.”*

“What do you mean?”

*“I’ll be happy to explain! You see, we here in the Abyss need a physical conduit in order to manifest and influence the physical world. Actually we need a physical conduit and the proper sacrifice.

Since your landline is the only viable connection left, it would be in our interest for you to keep your landline operational.”*

“Is this some kind of joke?”

*“We don’t joke about conduits John. They are our bread and butter.”*

“This has got to be a joke! Mine is not the only landline out there! The place where I work has landlines!”

*“Ah but yours is unique John. Your landline is tainted which not only makes it unique, but extremely valuable.”*

“What? How?

*“Remember the time when you whacked your son over the head with the phone receiver because he wouldn’t stop crying?

Or the time when you strangled your dog to death with the phone cord because it wouldn’t stop peeing in the house?”*

“What the fuck?”

*“Oh, and let’s not forget about the blood that you accidentally got onto the receiver after you called 911 to report your wife’s….urm….demise?”*


*“It’s simple John…We just want you to keep doing what you’re doing.”*

“Excuse me?”

*“Keep this line open John and in return we shall provide you with helpful instructions. Instructions that will help you carry out your urges….and avoid detection of course.”*

… …

*“Are you still there John?”*

“Yeah…I’m here.”

*“Good! The neighbors are leaving for a fancy dinner party tomorrow night at around 7pm. They won’t be home until midnight. They’re leaving their teenage daughter at home alone.

You know the one? You keep eyeing her when she’s out mowing the lawn.”*

“Yeah, yeah…I know her. What do you want me to do?”

*“Do you have a pen and paper handy John? You might want to write this down…”*

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