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fiction by silentcry adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Don woke up slowly not knowing where he was. It felt almost impossible to open up his eyes but he knew he wasn't alone. There was a tender touch on his right hand stroking his palm.

The fingers touching him felt hard and calloused but still the effect was soothing.

Suddenly harsh pain hit Don's body just under his left shoulder. He gasped for breath and forced his eyes open.

"Oh my fucking God", he hissed and moved his gaze to the dark-haired man next to him.

"You shall not say His name in vain", Bible said smiling and closed the Book in his lap.

"Yeah, right."

Awkward silence fell upon the room but Bible just shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe He will forgive you. But not today, not even tomorrow. No, you're gonna live and don't need his forgiveness yet. You're gonna live", Bible repeated and sighed with relief.

Don watched the man pull his chair closer to the hospital bed not letting go of his hand even for a sec. At the same time Don realised that there was way too quiet.

He couldn't be at a field hospital, never.

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