Hellbound Promises
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Hellbound Promises

Repetitive beeping lured them back from slumber. Taking a moment to breathe in deeply, they yawned and glared groggily at the source of the noise on their wrist.

They rose from the hard bed, manoeuvring the stiff joints.

they mused. Their gaze returned to where they stood and mulled over it for a moment.

The dull aches and blank thoughts were an easy indicator that they grew weary. Pure determination would cease to carry them much further.

Rolling their head to pop the joints, the figure stumbled towards the door. The mattress on the floor combusted as the door closed.

They were reckless enough to dare sleep under the same roof as the enemy.

an internal voice barked.

They crossed the room with lethargic legs.

And it wasn't long until their stomach began to whine.

They now stood in the main room with rows of computers and desks. A frayed backpack sat alone next to a large computer desk.

Reaching over, they rummaged through it in the search for any nourishment. Anything would be good right now … anything!

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