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Helix Swirl

"That's bullshit!"

Red growled hearing Pit interrupt his story. Of course it had to be his angel friend to do it.

Pit was a heavy worshipper of the Goddess of Light, so it would be an insult to see a fossil that wasn't even considered a God in universe to be…well a god.

That's what this all was though. The Red in this universe wasn't the same one as the Red that was being spoken of in this horror tale.

It was Halloween, so instead of going out and Trick-O-Treating like many of the kid Smashers,

most of the teen Smashers (and those who didn't really want to participate in the costume parties or handing out candy) all decided to take the third floor to themselves and make a fort.

They barricaded the entrance to add a spooky layer to this event.

Red managed to get Calum, the Pokémon trainer from Kalos along with Pit, Sonic, Link, the Robin twins, Shulk and Lucario to join in on the fun.

Pikachu, Charizard and Greninja were there too, but they were spending more time snatching the Pokéblocks they were given instead of listening to the lore.

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