Heirs To The Throne
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Heirs To The Throne

"Tetsurou, come towards me." The woman sitting on a comfortable chair inside a big room, called over the boy in front of the fireplace.

The little child was playing with his toys, spending his time.

"Yes mommy?" He answered, lifting his eyes from the toy bunch. The mother showed towards the small chair next to her, indicating he should sit down on it. Tetsurou did as he was told.

He was looking up at her, his pretty, dark brown eyes wide open, one slightly covered by the also cobalt dark hair.

Despite it’s appearance, Tetsurou’s hair was surprisingly soft and fluffy, and whenever shed run her fingers through it shed be amazed by the thickness of it.

It was always so restless and went everywhere, but still looking pretty and gracious.

She took one of his thin hands and put it on her already round stomach. "You’re such a big and brave son of mine, you’ll always be and you know that.

So, when you’re brothers born, I want you to take care of him as if he’s your most precious, no matter what." Tetsurou nodded when his mother finished her sentence.

"As the future king, you’ll have to learn to take care of others, but your family should be on your first place, specially your little brother. No one will be the closest to you than him.

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