Heirs and Hitmen
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Heirs and Hitmen

I looked around my bedroom from where I sat crosslegged in the middle of the bed, holding Sigmund, my favourite stuffed penguin.

The bed was unmade, just a mattress on the frame, the last thing left in the room.

I'd refused to pack Sigmund with the rest of the penguins that had once lined the shelves around the walls, he had to come in the car with me, but for now, I just sat and held him,

remembering all the things that had happened in this room, in this house. All the memories I would be leaving behind.

I was going to make more memories, I knew that, and I tried not to be sentimental because the memories were in my mind and heart, not in this building,

but this was the house Rhys and I had made our first proper home together, rather than him moving in with me,

it was the first place the pard had come to for solace and security under my leadership, so many memories of us sitting around the kitchen table laughing,

watching movies on a Sunday afternoon curled up between Rhys and Nathaniel, Christmas together. I smiled to myself. It was the end of a rather short era, but an era nonetheless.

Bigger and better things awaited, and all that.

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