Heaven's Closed For What I've Done
Heaven's Closed For What I've Done barney ross stories

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Heaven's Closed For What I've Done

The plane was pretty much business as usual, the ride home as quiet as it usually was,

but there was an underlying - somber tone in the atmosphere and around all the men on board - no one speaking, no one engaging in conversation.

Barney didn’t want to speak to Gunnar and Christmas knew it. And he didn’t want to be near him. Yang certainly wasn’t dealing with it either and he didn’t blame either one of them.

They were both hurt and upset. It was why Christmas had checked on Gunnar instead, cutting off the ties on his wrist and quietly accepting Gunnar's wishes for him to keep his knife.

A heavy thing to accept with an even more resounding meaning behind it.

Yang had loved Gunnar currently. For the past year or so. Before Christmas, Barney had loved him too. And they had a long, long history.

A history that went off and on and spanned a few decades both as lovers and as mercenaries. And Barney didn’t use that four letter word often and neither did he take it lightly.

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