Heaven and Earth
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Heaven and Earth

Subaru watched the blood flow slowly from the cut on his hand through the haze of tears that had yet to fall.

He could still barely feel it, though the doctors had assured his grandmother that there was some chance that the damage wasn't permanent. It was like so many other things in his life now.

The bones had healed, but the parts that made him feel didn't work right anymore.

Even the memories that had prompted him to punch the mirror on the closet door were broken.

Subaru could call them up as if they were really happening now, not in the life that he'd lost nearly 3 years ago. In the life that had gone with his sister

The memory was simple. Hokuto helping him with the tie he'd always had difficulty with.

The truth was that if she'd let him take his gloves off he might have been able to get it but, as with in everything else, his sister had been determined to help him.

He supposed he should be thankful.

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