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- ”Shattered” by Trading Yesterday -

Leo Corbett stands in front of the door of his hotel room. His hands are in his pockets and his cobalt eyes are focused on the floor.

Gia Moran sits on the bed, Her arms are crossed under her chest and tears fall from her aquamarine colored eyes. She angrily swipes the tears from her eyes.

She refuses to let the man who is currently breaking her heart see her like this.

They hadn't been together long. The age difference had been an issue for him. Gia didn't really care about it.

Who cared if he was thirty-nine years old and she was only twenty-one? He was attractive, funny, and he had been a Power Ranger once, just like he had.

It was nice to be with someone who understood that. Sure, she had dated Jake for a year after their ranger days had ended. But Jake really didn't like talking about their time as Power Rangers.

He only cared about soccer and it turns out the girl she shared a dorm room with her freshman year of college.

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